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Saturday, July 09, 2005

It's already shaping up to be a great weekend, and well-deserved. Spent the week working super-hard at work and fielding all manner of phone calls, since both my bosses are out of town. I appear to be third in the line of succession, like the Speaker of the House, so I get to answer any and all questions about everything. Mostly I don't have answers, but I fake it pretty well.

Our house goes on the market this weekend so I'm going to spend part of the weekend scrubbing, and part of the weekend at the pool with many adorable children and one of my favorite friends, a girl whose nerdiness and beauty so far exceeds mine that I consider myself lucky to be in her presence. Last night we went out with another lovely woman that I've recently become friends with and who seems to take all my jobs when I leave them. I'm feeling a little bad about recommending her for the last job I left, at the advertising agency, because the place is far more like a frat party than an actual company. But she seems to find it amusing, for now.

Also last night, we put the BEST PIECE OF ART EVER on layaway. It's a Princess Di bottle opener with little 3-D arms and legs and pieces of windshield glass and this portrait of Princess Di. And did I mention it's a bottle opener? Go down to Molly's and check it out. It's got a red sticker on it 'cause we put down the deposit on it, so don't try to buy it. I think they might actually sell it twice, or to the highest bidder, and that thing is mine. We might even pay it off by Christmas!


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