taking the passive out of passive-aggressive

Thursday, July 14, 2005

I just did something I've never done before: removed a comment. My theory was always that if I was going to allow people to comment, I should leave them all there whether I disagreed with them or not, because it was part of the beauty of this whole exercise: creating a sort of dialogue or open connection with the world. But this (anonymous) comment was so wrong-headed and stupid and unfair and slanderous that I felt I would either have to respond in some way, or it needed to go away. And since responding seemed idiotic, since nothing I could say would convince this poster of anything, I decided to make it go away. Hooray!

Oh--and no more anonymous comments here. You wanna talk to me, show your face.

ANYWAY. I went over to the ex's last night to sit on the patio and chat. We had a lovely time talking about the kids, his new girlfriend, and life in general. He appears to be much happier without me, which I knew would happen, and he actually thanked me for being the one who had the guts to leave. I really like that man. My therapist says (here I go again) that my aim should be to create a businesslike relationship with him, but the fact is, we've been friends for fifteen years and I just genuinely like him. As a friend, mind you. And I'm glad he's happy. I even like his new girlfriend. I hope she's good to him, better than I was.

Onward and upward. More slaving away at work for the rest of the week, then a joyful Saturday by the pool and a Sunday filled with far-flung barbecues. I will try and remind myself not to eat so many hot dogs this time.


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