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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Moving is a pain in the ass. Comcast tells me that I can't have my cable Tee-Vee for two weeks because a supervisor needs to do a survey. I don't know what that means, and at ny rate I had to pull the information out of the customer service rep over the course of twenty minutes because she had some undientifiable accent and I couldn't understand what she was saying. I suspect Comcast is outsourcing its customer service not to India, like other sensible companies, but to the Speech Pathology Institute.*

This is not to mention the fact that somehow I managed to use 982 extra minutes on my cell phone this month (1,982 minutes? I spent two thousand minutes on my cell phone this month? How sad!) and so I owe Sprint the pincely sum of $500. Verizon won't hook up my home phone for days, despite the fact that all they really have to do is throw a switch or press a button or something, and between that and the Comcast, I'm utterly disconnected. Luckily my neighbors have an unsecured wireless network. Thank you, neighbors!

*I say that with more empathy than annoyance, being as I'm afflicted with the inability to pronounce my voiceless postalveolar fricative (in other words, SH) and MOST especially my voiceless postalveolar affricates (tch). Former husband thought this was very cute and so he always wanted me to say "Cash, check or charge"--the phrase that had been the bane of my existence as a retail sales clerk.


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