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Friday, May 06, 2005

My daughter's teacher Ms. M. is blonde and wears miniskirts and platform shoes. This means I relate to her--even though she's 25 and more authoritative with children than I am. Children see me and "sucka" is writ large across my forehead. They know I'll give them cupcakes and let them use my makeup. Not so Ms. M. One day she told the class "There's a reason I don't teach daycare and that's because I don't want to teach babies. Now if you all continue to act like babies I'm bringing a box of Pampers in here and you all are going to have to wear them." My daughter--who is not unfamiliar with Pampers--said in an incredulous voice: "I think she is actually serious Mumma." I laughed and laughed. It was brilliant--the class was under control for a whole day.

The latest Ms. M. gossip is that she broke up with her boyfriend. I suspect her boyfriend was a bit of a wuss. He came in every Thursday for lunch and sat in one of the small chairs and ate his sandwich while the children hassled him. So obviously Ms. M. had to tell the class why he wasn't there on Thursday. She said "We broke up. Should I email him right now and tell him he's missing lunch?" And the class was in an uproar. "Email him! Email him!" they shouted. She said "I will!" On Friday morning of course the children asked "Did he write back?" Ms. M. had to tell them she'd gotten no response. Perhaps the wussy boyfriend was tired of having mayonnaise smeared in his hair. Perhaps Ms. M. told him she would put him in Pampers if he didn't stop acting like a baby.


At 7:13 PM, Anonymous seadragon said...

That is so funny.

(Well written too!)


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