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Saturday, April 30, 2005

It's raining hard so I spent the morning drinking coffee and reading poetry. Adrienne Rich no less--a book I bought in high school. Funny how different these poems seem now. I thought I understood them when I was sixteen. I thought I understood everything.

The phone had been left out in the rain overnight--another piece of technology broken. It's as though this house has simply decided to fall apart. Piece by piece. Soon the dishwasher will break--and the stove and possibly dishes. And then more fundamental pieces of the house--simpler technology--will come undone. Nails popping from joists. Shingles slipping from the siding. There's a scene in some seventies horror movie about a haunted house that comes back to me from time to time. Oh--I remember now. The movie was called "Burnt Offerings" and it was about this house that needed the lifeblood of human families to repair itself. Of course an unwitting happy family moves into it and is killed by the house. Anyway in the last scene--after the family has been dispatched in a variety of horrible ways--the house magically flies back together again. Fresh paint and clean furniture too. The works. A total renovation.

Sometimes that's what I think is going on here.

In other news:

1. We bought a TV cabinet so we're now the kind of people that pretend we don't have a TV. "TV? Where? We don't watch TV. Oh that? That's an ARMOIRE."

2. I took my third job in three months because my old boss gave me an offer I couldn't refuse. So now I work at the same place I worked seven years ago. Only now I am a Director. Pretty cool. I guess maybe I am kind of good at my job.

3. My daughter turned 8 today. 8! I have an eight year old. How strange is that? I'm not old enough to have an eight year old. I still have purple hair for god's sake. I'm STILL COOL. I am! I even bought some obscure rock n roll CDs on amazon the other day and I listen to them really loud in the car.

4. My husband and I are going on a date tonight. This will be our third whole date since the Bee was born over a year ago. We're going to this kind of upscale yet horsey restaurant in the county. The food is good but the clientele is mostly like my mom. But we have a gift certificate. You know I kind of dread giving them the gift certificate at the end of the meal? It seems so declasse. I wish I could say something like "Look--we COULD afford this meal but I'm not wasting the goddamn gift certificate. And anyway if I didn't have a gift certficate I'd probably go somewhere else. Okay?"

5. We actually had friends over last night but I passed out at 10pm. They stayed up til six. Six! Like a bunch of teenagers! Husband seems cheerful anyway. Inexplicable.


At 9:00 PM, Blogger XLT said...

Happy Birthday, Panda! It seems like only last week I was waiting for you in the GBMC lobby. Then, your Dad came out to tell us all, "It's a Girl!"

There you were in the room with your Mumma, naked, pink and screaming like mad.

Wow! Eight years?

Hope your day was special, sweetheart.

At 7:06 PM, Blogger Erin said...

I'm a bit late fr the birthday - but Happy Mother's Day!

And you want to talk about feeling old?! Wait till you wake up nd realize you have one about to get their license!

Sorry to intrude, lol, you don't know me... just bloggin through!


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