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Monday, April 04, 2005

Choco turned me onto BlogPulse today, a tool that lets you see what people are talking about in the blogosphere. They have a very cool analytics tool which allows you to search for specific terms and see how much those terms have been mentioned over time. Needless to say, my status report didn't get done, because I was too busy checking to see which of my friends is most noteworthy in the blogosphere, and how often people write about topics like sex, love, and beer. (I am, evidently, the only person in the entire blogosphere who has written a SINGLE WORD on the topic of reborners in the past six months. Can you imagine?)

I think the most shocking thing to me, though, was the stats on the homepage. BlogPulse has identified 9,693,712 blogs. Nine and a half million bloggers, folks. Granted, that's worldwide, and sure, there are lots of abandoned blogs out there (um, I have a couple myself). But still, it's almost like there were these millions of people in the world with Something To Say and nowhere to say it. For thousands of years people have been just dying to make public their mundane thoughts, desires, and opinions, and now we can!


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