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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

I'm going to the balti-bloggy-happy-hour tomorrow night and if you're local, you need to go too. Yeah, yeah, the kids, the house, the job... whatever. Go have a drink or five for once in your life. Bet me 25 cents against me on a game of pool, which I will lose.

I'm not sure how the whole thing works--will I need a little nametag that says "HELLO! My name is homeofdismay"? Will I take a gander at my blogging brethren and promptly hide in the corner with Sweetney and the Crimeblogger? Will I meet people I have never met before, about whose lives I know far too much for a complete stranger? "Oh, hi, I'm Claire. Soooo.... how's that little marital problem?"

I will report back tomorrow, if I haven't had too many cocktails (and by cocktails, I mean Miller High Lifes, the champagne of beers.)


At 1:37 PM, Blogger XLT said...

I gave my $.02 on the BBHH in today's post if you care to read it.


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