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Monday, February 14, 2005

Welcome to Valentine's Day, the world's least happy holiday ever!


1. Officemate spends entire day bitching at her BF over long, ranting emails about how he didn't send her flowers, and furthermore that digital camera he bought? which was kind of an unromantic gift anyway? had PICTURES of other PEOPLE on it and therefore must have been in some way used. And the people in the pictures were ugly, to boot.
2. Get email from DC friend that says "Valentine's Day blows chunks." Further investigation reveals that HER officemate received some sort of singing flower bouquet that involved an entire barbershop quartet.
3. Waited all day for a bouquet that never arrived. IMs with best friend made it clear that hers didn't, either. Clearly, somewhere in the world is a warehouse full of these bouquets that mysteriously got lost on their way to their destinations. It's the only explanation.
4. Bought wine from the little gourmet place down the street. Usually this place isn't even open on Mondays but he stayed open today, thinking surely he'd do a booming business among the romantically-minded. The place was deserted. He spent the day cleaning, instead.
5. Valentine's Day balloon I bought to amuse the children made the baby cry and shrink away in horror. I dunno why, I thought a giant Mylar squid holding candy hearts in his tentacles was kinda funny. Clearly I am a terrible mumma.
6. It is six fifteen and I am blogging, alone in my house, waiting for that wonderful moment when he walks through the door with an armful of roses or something and a heart full of love. It'll happen ANY MOMENT now. I swear.


At 6:30 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am SO sorry. We are officially moving the date of Valentine's Day. To a better day.


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