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Sunday, February 06, 2005

The superbowl is on and I suppose everyone in the world except me is watching it at some lame party where there's a lot of shouting. Some things I hate about the superbowl:

1. People wearing football gear to emulate their favorite players. Gack, I cannot tell you how annoying this is. Especially the purple camo and "Lewis" jerseys of the Ravens fan. I guess I should count my blessings that we're not playing in this godforsaken game this year. Don't people know that football jerseys are uniformly unflattering unless you're a 300 pound linebacker sculpted of pure muscle?
2. The hype about the commercials. Like this is some kind of great cultural event, the airing of the superbowl commecials. What of any value have we gotten from these ads over the years? The pets.com sock monkey? The Budweiser frogs? This is a low moment even for American pop culture, and the fact that people go on and on about these ads is supremely annoying.
3. As part of #2, above: people who say all year that they have no interest in football but watch the superbowl anyway and say it's to see the ads. What is lamer: watching something you hate? watching something you hate so you can see television commercials? watching something you hate and ads you're not even that interested in just so you can fit in? or doing all of the above just for an excuse to drink beer on a Sunday afternoon?

What IS it about football? It's not that interesting of a game. They keep stopping and starting, it's slow and long, it requires more brute force than talent. It lacks the quickness of basketball, the narrative arc of baseball, the violence of ice hockey, the grace of soccer. Its players are often violent criminals. The stadiums are too big, and when you're at a game you can't even see what's going on. So why the obsession that so many peopple seem to have? I'm convinced it's some kind of mob mentlity, the drive for conformity gone out of control. I'm sure there are lots of peopple who, for whatever reason, truly do love football. But for each of them are ten hangers-on, who would never naturally be into it unless they perceived that "loving football" was a survival mechanism of sorts, a way to get through boring conversations at the office, a safe topic for male conversation, a social lubricant. And so superbowl sunday has become a national holiday, bigger than the fourth of july. What a sad, sad culture we've created.


At 8:31 AM, Blogger XLT said...

It was Super Bowl yesterday? Hmm. Didn't know.

I was too busy celebrating the birth of the late great Ronald Reagan. ;)

At 10:04 AM, Blogger The Cybrarian said...

I don't get it either. My mom is a commercial-watcher.
I like this essay from Sunday's NYT:
"Overanalysis is common in American culture. We read far too much into political personalities, the Oscars, fashion, even the weather. So, in a way, the media going over the top for the Super Bowl is part of the event - everything about the game is excessive, including the coverage. Just don't try to find any larger significance, because there isn't any."


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