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Friday, January 21, 2005

It's supposed to SNOW tomorrow. I've been living under a rock for the last week so I didn't realize that this SNOW is the talk of the town. In our ritzy neighborhood grocery store, they had "Snow Sales" all over the place--tenderloin roast for $10.99 a pound ("We'll cut it into steaks!" the sign said) and, for some reason, berries. Notice that toilet paper and milk was at its normal 1000% markup, but who cares, when you can be stuck in the house and eat steak and raspberries all weekend?

Oh, and let's just be honest here--everyone was just buying food to disguise the cases of beer and wine they had to put on the conveyor belt.

My friend, who is undergoing a tummy tuck, sent her oldest girl over here for a sleepover, which I suspect might be extended if the weather forecasters are right. Two seven year olds, a baby, and a husband, stuck in the house all weekend eating berries and tenderloin (yes, I fell for it too). I'm going to lose my mind, and end up drinking those little miniatures of vodka that the liquor delivery boys keep comping us, and making photorealistic Virgin Mary mosaics using tiny little beads. It will be the only way to stay sane.


At 7:03 PM, Blogger The Cybrarian said...

Well TG you got that SUV. Someone can escape. I'm jealous of your tenderloin, I went to Whole Foods which was cram-packed and picked clean. I did get some salmon. Yeah what's up with the berries? Amazing strawberries from California in january, is that normal? I guess they're from greenhouses. WHY DIDN"T I GET BERRIES?! I'm going to go crazy. vamos a hugar por la swimming pool.


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