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Saturday, January 15, 2005

Ahem. Sorry to be cryptic. Back to our regularly scheduled programming, which today involves me (futilely) trying to teach myself to knit by researching it online. I think I figured out how to cast on, but making the actual stitches is beyond me. My 7-year-old, when she's trying to teach me, always gives up after ten minutes with an exasperated sigh. "Mom! It's really SIMPLE, why can't you get it?"

I was going to surprise her with my knitting skillz when she arrives home today, but I guess that's out of the question. The diagrams and instructions all seem kind of in-the-know, as though they're eliding some very important in-between step, or directed to people who already know how to knit. Why that would be, I've no idea. In any case, the diagrams all show complicated loop-de-loops and read like this: "Holding the long side between your thumb and left forefinger, hold the right needle with your left hand, making a loop around your thumb, and pulling the stitch through the loop with the other needle, while holding this needle completely still. Now, repeat 300 times."

You know, there's a whole universe of knowledge out there and I barely use it. I could spend my spare time teaching myself ANYTHING online. I could learn Italian, or how to tie a bowtie, or the lyrics to every song written between 2001 and now. I could educate myself on fine wine, or expand my vocabulary; learn more about geography or string theory. And yet what do I do with this huge wealth of knowledge at my fingertips? I gossip over IM and blog about why I can't knit.


At 9:15 PM, Blogger tiff said...

I don't know you but I feel your pain. Those books show me NOTHING. I just had to sit directly next to a girl at work and imitate her every move. Although, some really helpful direction (written in mostly layman's English) were at the Learn To Knit forum at www.learntoknit.com (but of course). I finished my first scarf, yay!

Good Luck to ya!


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