taking the passive out of passive-aggressive

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

I started my new job on Monday, and boy is it exactly like my old job. Well, I mean, people don't have group lunches where they talk about poop and porn, and I didn't catch anyone drinking at 10am yet. But the duties I perform are the same: making sure that the world's less-glamorous advertising, brochures, and web sites happen on time, and on budget, and with some modicum of good design and content.

Everyone is on their best office behavior so far--in fact, a lot of them are new, too--but I'm getting hints about all of them. My officemate hints that she likes to go out and drink. My boss hints that she's a liberal. The print production woman hints that she's had an interesting past. The computer guy... he hints that somehow he knows me. I only say this because when I got my computer, my password was the name of a company I worked for many years ago, which is odd. Did he pick it off my resume? Why would he have even seen my resume? And he used to work for a company we subcontracted for. If he knew me from then, I'm embarassed--my skirts were always so inappropriately short back then.

I had forgotten how entertaining office life can actually be. What I like about it is that everyone's going around pretending they're a Professional Person when actually, everyone harbors secrets, antipathies, bad habits, hidden desires, weird hobbies, and secret obsessions.

Wait a minute, that was also what I used to hate about it.

Amazing what a year off can do for you. Especially if you spend that whole year tending to children. Officemates and clients, as demanding as they are, simply can't compete in the annoying department. They don't run around singing tunelessly at the top of their lungs, poop in their pants, demand snacks (but not THAT snack!), refuse to go to bed, walk in on you in the bathroom, stick electrical plugs in their mouths, or climb on you as though you were a mountain, immobile and unfeeling.

Well, most of the time, anyway.


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