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Monday, November 15, 2004

I start my new job today, which should be interesting, considering that in my most recent job, I worked for a tiny, tyrannical boss (and one slightly larger, less tyrannical boss), in a menial position that seemed to involve mostly cleaning up poop. In this new job, I don't think they will ask me to do that. At least I hope. Of course, advertising account work and mommyhood aren't all that different. Your clients cry and whine, require special attention when they get boo-boos, and are often hungry, so you must feed them on an expense account.

I'm strangely un-nervous, perhaps because I'm so excited to leave the house. The very idea of getting up every day and putting on an actual skirt and actual lipstick is almost too good to believe. I'm sure it will wear thin after a while, but for now, hooray!


At 8:01 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

woah, i'm so out of the loop! you got a JOB??!?!

again, woah.

congrats and best wishes and break a leg and all that!

does this mean drunken weekday evenings at my place are now out of the question?

xo trace


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