taking the passive out of passive-aggressive

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

There's nothing like having an infant scream in your ear all day to really refine any feelings of resentment you have towards your family. My impatience and rage has been honed to a razor-sharp point after 12 hours of screaming and fussing, although of course I don't say anything--I just seethe here by the computer, trying to avoid everyone in the house.

In desperation, I turned that rage outward today. Since the baby wouldn't let me put her down, I spent all afternoon calling Sinclair advertisers while pacing the house. I love this kind of slacktivism--anything that involves staying home in your PJs while making a political statement is okay with me. Bumper stickers? Hell yeah! Emails? Sure! But ask me to recycle and sadly, I seem to be incapable of it (a fact which the log cabin republicans down the street actually berated me for, if you can believe that. I wanted to say, "Look, at least I'm not a Lesbian for Bush, okay?")

Perhaps my disaffection and ennui is also caused by the fact that last night I went out with my ex-boss, a very large man, and made the mistake of trying to match him drink for drink. I always regret this the next day, but I clearly lack self-control.

For the love of God, I need a job.


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