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Thursday, August 05, 2004

My mom was never able to complete a sentence when I was growing up. She'd say "I've got to..." and then trail off with a sigh, or else "You know, Sheila..." and then just stop, midsentence, as though I were supposed to know what Sheila had done or said or whatever.

It was her most annoying quality (outside of, maybe, tapping on the steering wheel when an especially catchy Wham! song came on the radio) and now....

You see? Now I've got it too. My daughter, age 7, thinks I'm insane. "WHAT, Mom, WHAT?" she asks on the way home from school, as though I have an answer. As though I'm not just talking to myself.

It comforts me that nowadays, with all her children out of the house, my mother can not only complete a sentence--she can actually have a complete thought, all her own, which she can choose to share or not share with other people.

In the meanwhile... I do so love that Outkast song.... tap, tap, tap....


At 9:04 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You know... the older I get the more I catch myself mimicking the same annoying habits that drove me crazy about my mother. It's crazy.

Fate's Fool


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