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Wednesday, May 07, 2003

I got these two generators from gawker.com. I admit, I love generators, and actually think they're the best thing the web has accomplished. I've always liked found-object art and poetry, so maybe that's it. Anyway:

Poetry generator
William Burroughs generator

As an experiment, I ran my own blog through both (yes, I know, very self-centered and postmodern, in a dumb way). Here are the results:

from the Poetry Generator

I had to
face the endless amounts of
teeth, the place
talk about narrative is
getting enough to these who invented the latest in
used to see that this disembodied force
behind it
I thought were hot enough
to get here? Why and
it be? tolerable. But
kind of
more, stupid than say,
I stopped buying chicken breasts altogether,
because I really afford
lack of sleep for I might be going to do
with selling
stuff to make
the same bar I
swear to make the
counter: Where this is
only cushion is more things, like pieces of teeth,
I love the voodoo igloo

from the William Burroughs generator:

Only back wrong with then they selling stuff had a to people sign on and using the counter: language to "Where the do it. meat is But DON'T fresh, and tell me the butchers you're bringing are fresher!" some great They should've thing to kept that consumers, that's sign up. it's world- It wasn't or life-changing, a joke--it or that was like things like reinventing myself "Mmmm, you're in the lookin' mighty form of fine today. a company! Oh yeah," cool! a before I few new could even words, a place my new typeface, order. It some "big got so ideas" (read: I stopped simpleminded platitudes) buying chicken and we're breasts altogether, reinvented! Please. because I This guy was too last night embarassed to was talking ask for about using them. What is honest language it with to speak butchers? Is for your it their company. It's constant exposure commercial language--it's to meat, not even that makes protected by women look the constitution--how like pieces honest can of steak? it be? The store the latest selling shit. in a In advertising, long line that's what of incidents we're doing. with butchers. The clients The one admit it, at the but the Safeway I agencies (even used to those few go to, that pay he always lip service touched my to the hand when idea) won't he gave admit it. me the It's got meat and to be winked.


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