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Tuesday, March 25, 2003

Today at the grocery store, I bent over to get something out of the bottom of the cart and the one butcher says something quietly to the other one and they both laughed. It's not that my skirt was too short, I'm sure of that, and it couldn't be the size of my butt, since I barely have one. I was wearing knee-high boots, but then again, I did have my daughter with me. Were they laughing at me? Had the one guy made some perverse comment about me to the other? When I got my ground sirloin, the one butcher grinned at me with that cat-ate-the-canary look.

This is only the latest in a long line of incidents with butchers. The one at the Safeway I used to go to, he always touched my hand when he gave me the meat and winked. At the store I go to now, there have been a long line of "friendly" butchers. One of them used to always say things like "Mmmm, you're lookin' mighty fine today. Oh yeah," before I could even place my order. It got so I stopped buying chicken breasts altogether, because I was too embarassed to ask for them.

What is it with butchers? Is it their constant exposure to meat, that makes women look like pieces of steak? The store I go to now, my mom used to take me there when I was little, and the butchers hit on her back then too. Only back then they had a sign on the counter: "Where the meat is fresh, and the butchers are fresher!" They should've kept that sign up. It wasn't a joke--it was a warning.


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