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Sunday, March 16, 2003

Six men, five trucks, two weeks, eighty bucks, and ten hours later, I've got cable!

Since this neighborhood's never been wired for cable (hence the enormous effort that went into the whole thing) they had to run a whole dedicated cable line right from the node into my PC. That means it's super-amazingly-enticingly-perfectly fast, and mine all mine. I wish for something and it comes up on my screen. I've never had a faster connection in my life.

Unfortunately for the men who had to make this happen, the nearest hub was at the bottom of a thirty-foot cliff, with a ravine in between. No truck, no cherry-picker, nothing could fix this problem; they had to physically haul the line up the thirty-foot cliff, digging a little trench for it all the way. Halfway up the hill, they discovered a telephone pole, and wondered how it got there. How do you put a huge telephone pole in the middle of a ravine on a thirty-foot cliff? You can't haul the thing up there by hand. A mystery.


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