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Wednesday, March 05, 2003

I just signed up for the Comcast Ultimate Cable Package. This includes high speed internet access, digital cable, 10 HBO channels, and a visit from a Cable Guy. I have never had cable TV in my adult life, much less high speed internet. I think this is going to be great.

The lady I talked to at first sounded kind of foreign, and then I realized she just had this weird Baltimore accent she was trying to cover up by sounding professional. She was very nice but really not customer service material. I asked her if the internet thing came with web hosting, and she literally didn't know what I meant. So I said, "If I wanted to have a web site, could I have a web site?" and she said, "What's that?" I pictured this room full of people that Comcast had bred under rocks specifically so they could be customer service reps. Anyway, she was kind enough to pass me along to the young and energetic Damon, who was very friendly and could answer all my questions. He told me all about Comcast's happy acquistion of ATT Broadband. And he wanted me to overcome my ambivalence before committing to this whole cable thing: "Tell you straight," he said, "I didn't have cable til I was twenty years old, so I understand.Maybe you should just go with this here internet connection."

But no, I laid down the money and I went for the whole goddamn package. Damon seemed pleased for me. I was pleased for me, since spending money on things like this is like pulling teeth. I'm more than happy to blow $250 on drinks and food in a week or two, but to spend $80 a month for the long haul... it's just such a comittment.


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