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Sunday, February 09, 2003

This from my one faithful reader Todd:

"Yep, it was real sad to see Michael. Lonely, isolated, developmentally arrested, billionaire Michael. It was bad enough to watch him on a Las Vegas shopping spree, then to see him frantically feed his shrouded infant son. It got worse when he was sitting a little too comfortably with Gavin. It completely self-immolated when he started talking about his philosophy about sharing one's bed with children. Oy Veh!

One could think he has no sexuality at all. But let's not forget these allegations from several years ago, thanks to The Smoking Gun."

You all really need to check out the Smoking Gun documents. Maybe Michael Jackson (why is he always referred to by his whole name?) is actually a molester. But one part strikes me wrong. The boy in question met Michael Jackson at a Rent-a-Wreck owned by his stepfather. Why in God's name was Michael Jackson at a Rent-a-Wreck? I mean, even if he was going to cheap out on a rental car, would he, himself, go rent it?

Anyway, the fact that every single person I know watched this documentary proves my point. We're probably going to be attacked by terrorists sometime soon, we've deployed almost our entire armed forces throughout the middle east, our economy is in the shitter, and we're busy thinking about Michael Jackson. For god's sakes, it's bad enough I've devoted two entries to this. I'm stopping now.


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