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Friday, January 03, 2003

Just heard about these "numbers" radio stations, where (evidently) master spies read codes to their joes in the field, who carry one-time cipher pads in the pockets of their overcoats and listen to the mechanized voices intently, knowing their lives are on the line:

this guy is so totally into it, he wrote a book
this is a pretty good intro

Anyway, I hope it's really as exciting as spies and cipher pads and overcoats. I hope it involves the Brits, it's so much more like a spy novel when they're involved. The weird thing is, though, that most of these organizations who follow these signals all seem to mysteriously go out of business. Or maybe their servers are just crappy, I dunno. The audio can be great, though.

If my blog is mysteriously shut down and I disappear, please tell my husband it was the CIA, okay?


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