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Monday, January 20, 2003

I just read that people are having sex less often. Work, stress, and exhaustion are blamed... but I, as usual, have a more sinister theory. After all, the teen pregnancy rate is dropping dramatically too:

Teen birth rates declined for the tenth straight year in 2001 and are now at record low levels... In response to the new data Sarah Brown, Director of the private, nonprofit, National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy issued the following statement:

"When it comes to teen sex, pregnancy, and births, 1991-2001 is now firmly on record as the decade of substantial progress," said Brown. "The credit for these impressive declines goes primarily to teens themselves who are increasingly making wise decisions about sex and their future. It is clear that more teens are adopting the formula for success — more are refraining from sex and those that are sexually active are using contraception more carefully"

Now, do we REALLY think that teens are making wiser decisions about sex? C'mon, for thousands of years, teens have been unwise in love (c.f. Romeo and Juliet, Priscilla Presley, my mom). No, I think possibly everyone is having less sex than they used to, possibly because of beef hormones, environmental hazards, or something. Not that I'm a big environmentalist or anything, but all the chemicals must be having some effect. I dunno, it requires more research from someone more qualified (or crazy) than me.


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