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Monday, December 23, 2002

My friend Todd just wrote me a very well-considered response to my very ill-considered review of Lord of the Rings. He writes:

In essence, we have a cultural differnce issue. Goings-on in Middle-Earth are convoluted with a cast of thousands; you have to make a committment to keep everything straight, it's very difficult. (It also helps if you have ever willingly gone in costume to a Ren-faire.)

OK, there's the problem, clearly. However, as far as I could tell, the theater was packed. And everyone was really HAPPY to sit through 3 hours of this movie. And there were lines to get tickets. Now, please, not that many people are geeks, right? Or maybe we all are, just about different stuff.

I think Peter Jackson made the epic for the fanboys and, yeah, made enough of a spectacle to draw-in the revenues to pay for it.

Well, that I can understand. I mean, who doesn't like lots of eye-candy shots of New Zealand, and computer-generated monsters by the trillion? For like 20 minutes. But it seems like this phenomenon (like Star Wars) is one that everyone in my generation but me understands. When I say I never read the books--and believe me, I'm a huge reader, so my not reading them was a conscious choice--everyone's shocked!

Oh, and I just want to make note of an important correction Todd sent me:

.The Flaming Vagina(TM) is the eye of Sauron, spirit of the original nasty overlord of Middle-Earth

Listen, if I were gonna design the eye of a hideous overlord, I would definitely make it look like a flaming vagina. Course, what can you expect when the novels are all about towers?


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